• How may Spurmax benefit sperm function?

    There are many factors that contribute to the oxidative stress of sperm which lead to infertility. Environmental factors include: drugs, smoking, pollution and radiation. Systemic pathologies such as diabetes, cancer, and infection are also causes for infertility. Many of the ingredients found in Spurmax benefit sperm function.

    Vitamin C and Astaxanthin help reduce DNA fragmentation. Selenium and Lycopene help reduce ROS(Reactive Oxygen Species) production by seminal leukocytes. Garlic Oil acts a an anti-inflammatory effect reducing ROS production. Zinc, Selenium, and Folate help protect sperm DNA from ROS damage.
  • What is the dosage and administration for Spurmax?

    Each bottle of Spurmax contains 90 capsules (90 day supply).

    Take one capsule a day, preferably during a meal. Clinical studies have shown better results when male supplements are taken for at least 90 days. Your health care professional may indicate a different regimen.

    For more information, download the Spurmax insert here: Spurmax Insert
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